Jim Holmes


Photography began as a hobby when I was very young and has grown over the years to a passion and perhaps obsession that never ages.

I currently shoot with a Nikon D7000 and a Nikon D810 both of which allow me to truly accomplish my goals as a photographer.   My mission is to reflect as closely and truly as I can the amazing scenes life offers up around me.  

I edit with a minimalist attitude striving to reflect only what I see without falling prey to the illusions seen today in commercial photography.  We can all appreciate the affects of camera magic but it can be just as satisfying to capture the simple beauty that already exists in everyday life.  

I enjoy portrait and event photography and continue to strive to hone these skills everyday but my true passion is Landscape and Wildlife photography.  Whatever the focus, my aim is to capture the hidden beauty in every scene I shoot.  

Living in northern New Hampshire most of my life a lot of my work reflects an appreciation for the mountains, lakes and forests in my own area.  As I continue to learn and grow as a photographer, I see as much complexity and beauty in the people of this area as I do in the landscape.